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CALAS - Introduction Video

CALAS is a fancy and competitive table-top game inspired by the Middle Ages history with our fancy creation added. You can escape from the reality by engaging in this exciting Middle Ages-simulated platform, where you can pick a remarkable team to start your adventure. To end this chaotic period, we need a powerful leader to conquer CALAS, a mysterious city girt by mountains, ocean, deserts and forests.


CALAS - How To Play

  • 2 to 4 players

  • 90-120 Minutes

  • Ages 14+

In order to win, players have to cooperate and make deals with each other to try gaining advantages without drawing too much attention to themselves or being in last place. Take the initiative to thrive, but step back when the situation is dangerous. These are the best parts of playing CALAS!

CALAS - whats in the box (prototype)

CALAS prototype: 1. Game Board 2. Soldiers: Trebuchet x25, Battering Ram x30, Knight x25, Archer x20 3. Building Tile x37 4. Player Pack x4 : (Team Pirate Adventurers, Team Loyalist Troops, Team Crescent Riders, Team Spirit Warriors) Player Reference Card x1, Leader Card x1, Character Card x7, Character Token x1, Color Block x1, Development Token x30, Dice Card x6 5. Income Reference Tools : Honor income tokens, Soldier income tokens, Mine income token 6. Dices x10 7. Strategy Cards x30 8. Round marker 9. Rulebook 10. Character Introduction Leaflet

Review - Unfiltered Gamer

 (12:14 minutes)

"Now let me tell you about that...

It is really unique and interesting...

There are wonderful battlement cards here... I strongly recommend to use this, because there are lots of fun and benefic you greatly....

The game is verify fairly balance...

That is very fun for me, make me enjoy the game....

The characters ability is cool...

It is an enjoyable game, I do really like it! "

Review - The Dice Tower - Boardgame Corner

“The board was variable and modular in a way that it’s gonna be different for each play, keeping the game fresh”

“The honor income and the soldier income tokens make me think of credibility in the military, it’s thematic in that way. I really love the way to call the tokens ‘reputation’ or’ ‘legend total’ because as you do things that are worthy of honor to increase the reputation, then ultimately you win the game”

Review - Undead Viking Videos

(25:28 minutes)

"This was a really interesting game for me and really fun as well. I can honestly say I haven't play a game like this in a long long time."

"It keep its fresh and interesting because of the fact that we are able to change up the tracks."


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